56 tools for domain, ip and url investigation in one

# Gotanda

Gotanda is OSINT(Open Source Intelligence) Web Extension for Firefox/Chrome.

This Web Extension could search OSINT information from some IOC in web page.(IP,Domain,URL,SNS...etc)

This Repository partly the studying and JavaScript practice.

Download link below.

- [FireFox](https://addons.mozilla.org/ja/firefox/addon/gotanda/)

- [Chrome](https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gotanda/jbmdcdfnnpenkgliplbglfpninigbiml)

## Usage

Right click highlighted IOC strings, It will show contextmenus.(Or right clicking any link. )

When You want to search using some engine, You choose one of list.

## Search Engine List
Name URL Category

Domain Tools https://whois.domaintools.com/

Security Trails https://securitytrails.com/ whois lookup

whoisds https://whoisds.com/ whois lookup

ThreatCrowd https://www.threatcrowd.org/ Domain, IPv4

AbuseIPDB https://www.abuseipdb.com/ IPv4

HackerTarget https://hackertarget.com/ IPv4
Censys https://censys.io/ IP, Domain

Shodan https://shodan.io/ IP, Domain

FOFA https://fofa.so/ IP, Domain

VirusTotal https://virustotal.com/ IP, Domain, URL,Hash

GreyNoise https://viz.greynoise.io/ IPv4

IPAlyzer https://ipalyzer.com/ IPv4
Tor Relay Search https://metrics.torproject.org/ IP,Domain

Domain Watch https://domainwat.ch/ Domain,

Email,whois lookup
crt.sh https://crt.sh/ SSL-certificate

SecurityHeaders https://securityheaders.com/ URL, Domain

DNSlytics https://dnslytics.com/ IPv4,IPv6,ASN

URLscan https://urlscan.io/ URL

Ultratools https://www.ultratools.com/ IPv6

Wayback Machine https://web.archive.org URL

aguse https://www.aguse.jp/ URL
check-host https://check-host.net/ URL

CIRCL https://cve.circl.lu/ CVE

FortiGuard https://fortiguard.com/ CVE

Sploitus https://sploitus.com/ CVE

Vulmon https://vulmon.com/ CVE

CXSecurity https://cxsecurity.com/ CVE

Vulncode-DB https://www.vulncode-db.com/ CVE

Malshare https://malshare.com/ MD5 Hash

ThreatCrowd https://www.threatcrowd.org/ IP,Domain

Hybrid Analysis https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/ hash

Twitter https://twitter.com/ SNS, w/TimeLine

Qiita https://qiita.com SNS

GitHub https://github.com SNS

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ SNS, w/TimeLine

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ SNS

LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/ SNS

Pinterest https://www.pinterest.jp SNS

reddit https://www.reddit.com/

About Twitter and FaceBook could search timeline with any words.

This extension is optimized for the Japanese environment.

#osint #security

Thanks For Going Through it

With love

OP. Kevin ッ